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Exciting blockchain game about sailors

PVE launch coming soon

About the game

Sailors World is an exploratory NFT game on the WAX blockchain with the ability to build ships, sail on travel for discoveries, hunt treasures, and battle pirates.

The vast universe of Sailors World is made up of many continents and archipelagos washed by the waters of three oceans. Due to the abundance of unexplored sea lands and routes, sailors have the opportunity to go on more than one exciting adventure. On their way they can meet both hidden from the world treasures of the ancients, and eager for an easy prey pirates. All players start in the port city of Tortuga, where their goal is to explore the surrounding areas and gather the necessary resources to send serious expeditions to the islands and continents.

Getting to the nearest archipelago can only be made on their own ship. On the islands, which are generously scattered by an invisible hand across the territory of the water, there are the natives who need help from others and generously reward newly arrived sailors.

After a while this whole beautiful sea world will take its final form and open its doors to all comers.


Ships are NFTs that can be built in-game or obtained from chests. They are used in the game for trawling, expeditions and battles. There are 12 types of ships of different rarity and purpose in our game. Each ship has individual characteristics.

Oil rig

Oil rigs are NFTs that can be obtained from chests or by crafting. Owners of oil rigs produce FUEL that is used in the game. Owners can collect FUEL at any time and sell it to other players for WAX. Oil rigs are the main source of FUEL in the game.

Maritime territory

Maritime territory are limited-edition NFTs, which can only be obtained with the “Territory Chest”. Maritime territory owners receive a сommission of DUB or WRECK tokens mined on their maritime territory. The mining сommission is set by the maritime territory owners themselves.

Game mechanics


By sending ships on a trawl, you can get DUB and WRECK coins, and a chance to get a rare treasure! Territory owners get a commission for mining DUB coins. Choose a territory to trawl and start mining!


Send your ships on expeditions. If your expeditions are successful, you'll be rewarded with great rewards! Start your treasure hunt now!


All resources for building ships and oil stations are mined in-game. Start building your fleet to mine resources, participate in expeditions and battles!


Participate in PvE and PvP battles on your ships against pirates and sea monsters. Earn DUB and WRECK coins for every victory you achieve.

General mechanics

Road Map

Start step 1 Q4 2021 - Q1 2022
Developing game concept
Launching of Social Networks and Website
Whitelist distribution plan
Whitelisting on Atomichub
Ships for sale Round 1
Start step 2 Q1 2022
Maritime territory drop
Launch game in closed beta mode
Oil Rigs drop
Game release (Play and Earn)
Start step 3 Q2-Q3 2022
PVE battle mode launch
PVP battle mode launch
New Game Features
New Functionalities to Improve the Economy
Start step 4 Q4 2022
Launch the overland part of the content